Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Savings vs. Provision

I must preface these thoughts with first letting everyone know that I LOVE a good deal. I clip coupons every week, and I watch the ads for specials that will benefit my family and others. But, I find myself in the same state that many money-savers do. I get very excited about all that I do, and I often forget God's hand in it all.

What if instead of stating how much we spent and how much we saved, we began to proclaim God's provision? I guess my challenge here is that we stop promoting our wonderful works and start declaring His favor. He is doing great things to help provide what our families need, especially during this difficult economic time.

Let's not get into the discussion of what we should be doing with all the favor and provision though. I might get a little uncomfortable...


shlane said...

I, too, love clipping coupons and saving big at the store. But sometimes it demands more organization and time than I can give it. I then feel guilty every time I go to the store without being "prepared" and by that I mean got my list of BOGOs and 50 coupons all neatly organized so I know before going in there what I am going to purchase and how much it will cost down to the $. Thanks for the reminder that God will provide for me. As long as I am being responsible with what He has already provided for us, He will pick up the slack that I can't always get. And that is one of the many great things about Him!

Renae said...

Very good point. I think it is easy to start thinking that we've done things when really it is God's favor and provision. Yes, we looked for a good deal on a house, but God blessed us with an unbelievable deal. When we have been patient, He has brought the increase time and again.

Thank you for the reminder as my family heads into a month that is squeezing blood from a turnip tight.