Kristy's Work


Voice Lessons 
Description:  These lessons would include vocal technique as well as elements of presentation.  These are offered only for females aged 10 and up.

$22 for weekly half hour lessons in my home

Beginning Piano Lessons
Description:  These lessons would include basic piano technique and music theory.  Student should have access to a full keyboard or piano. These are offered for ages 5 and up and includes adults as well!  As students progress from beginning to intermediate piano techniques, their lessons will be reevaluated for their needs.

$20 for weekly half hour lessons in my home


Homeschool Counseling
Description:  Do you need someone to help you plan for your next year of homeschooling? Or just help with planning...period?  Help with creating schedules? Help with preparing for high school?  Help for your teen's college/career preparation?  Assistance with selecting curriculum?  New to homeschooling and want someone to walk with you through the first steps? This is a time that you can pick my brain!  I will listen to your needs and help you find the resources or even just the comfort you need.  This can be done via Skype or face-to-face, so you don't even have to live close to me!  You can also opt to continue your session with email consultations or just use the email consultations alone.

$25 for a half hour session
$45 for a full hour session
$20 for month of unlimited email consultations (emails to be answered within 36 hours)

Short Term Homeschool Tutoring
Description:  Is your child struggling with a specific subject, and you need help to get over the hurdle?  I will meet with your child for up to 6 weeks to evaluate the situation and help them see things from a different perspective.  I will also meet with the parent to discuss my evaluations and to give them tips on helping their child be successful in the future.

$20 for weekly half hour tutoring sessions in my home

SAT Testing
Description:  I can administer the SAT (Stanford Achievement Test) through BJU Press Testing. This can be done any time during the year and for all grades.  View my administrator profile here.

$60 for 2-day testing in my home

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