Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This summer has been a time of bringing me back to balance. I am one of those people who quickly volunteers and has a hard time saying no. How about you?

I was forced to really look at my time, and I found that I was so spread out that I was not really accomplishing my real goals - love my God, support and love my husband, and teach my children to be God-loving adults. I was too busy creating websites, organizing activities, teaching others, fulfilling my own personal dreams, and doing lots of other wonderful things.

I needed to find the best and choose only that, and be OK that the good would be alright without me. It is and was hard. I now have to be careful not to add anything else in the "empty" spaces.

I will tell you that after reorganizing and re-positioning---I am sooo happy. I can go to sleep with a sense of accomplishment and rest. The laundry still needs to be folded, and the kitchen floor really needs to be mopped this year---but, I am focused on completing the most important first. I think the Bible says something like "seek first His Kingdom, and all things will be added."

Thank You, Lord, for teaching me and guiding me to a closer walk with You!


Tam said...

I understand that!! AMEN, and by the way, my floor just got mopped..finally this year too :)

MorningSong said...

You ACTUALLY MOP your floor??? Who does THAT anymore!?! :)

Balance is definitely a gift!