Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting Ready for Junior High

I have really enjoyed the elementary stage of life - the fun crafts, the play days, the games, and most of all, the faith in Mom as the All-Knowing One. It is a quite an ego booster!

Recently though, my husband and I have noticed that our beautiful daughter has begun to question many of our decisions. She has begun to want to explore her own thoughts on the subjects we discuss. She is growing up and changing from a little girl to a big girl - a preteen!

This past summer I was hit with the fact that I have a soon-to-be junior higher---no longer elementary. I must be ready to change my approach and encourage her thoughts, her decisions, her "wings". My role is to now watch the development of the "wings" as they are exposed, make sure that nothing is bent or misshaped which would cause her to be unable to fly independently in the future.

I must hope and pray that the "roots" are there, are strong, are deeply seeded in God's Word.

I cannot be shocked by the questioning, but I should be excited that she is not just taking things for granted. I need to be ready to feed her interests and help her find her God-given gifts.

Wow! What a journey being a parent is! I am rounding the next bend and loving the ride!


Tammy said...


This rings SO true in our home. Mitch and I were discussing this last night. You articulated our desires and hopes for Elysea as well.I teared up reading your post because I feel exactly what you are going through and it was so encouraging to know someone else knows how I feel.

Lisa said...


I loved your post! I know exactly how you feel and you helped me to put things back into perspective with my 16 year old. It is such a bittersweet time in my life.