Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Purpose

Reading John 8 (from The Voice scripture project), and I am reminded of how quickly we judge someone's spiritual walk by their circumstances.  For example, if someone is struggling financially, we often think that they are not doing the will of God.  We believe the spiritual blessings and fruit somehow translate into cash.  In the same way, we often think if someone is always sick, then perhaps they are not walking in favor.  If they would only pray with faith, then they would be whole.  Yes, I think we are often like the Pharisees in this story who had discounted a blind beggar as cursed by God from birth.

Could it be that God is allowing us to struggle in order to have us proclaim His greatness to others?  Could it be that there is a purpose to the pain that others are going through?  Could it be that we are like the Pharisees - making judgment calls and missing out on the miracles?

My desire is that I will no longer stand by and watch others in pain, but I will walk with them with grace and love, trusting God has a purpose through it all.


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MorningSong said...

God uses crisis to pivot us to a path that we will later see was critical to our journey all along. He picks us up, turns us and sets us on a new direction. It will often be crisis that He uses to change our direction. It is often hard to bear the unanswered questions that loom but the unanswered questions are utter life - if we embrace them they bring life. If we stare so fully into the questions DEMANDING immediate answers - we only prolong the journey. Not that answers are the problem but focusing and demanding answers often blocks us from seeing what God desires to show us in the questions. To just be there and not have answers when someone is hurting feels so wrong but could be the most right thing ever. Unanswered questions = room for God to show up and show off! May we give Him room to do that vs. looking for a quick fix that doesn't bring any true help.

Great post Kristy!

ATinkLife said...

Okay, my comment may not be as well writ as yours and Melodye's (both are so full of wonderful points!), but here goes: We have struggled in this area for many years. At one time we were in a place where it was taught that if you weren't sailing along blissfully then there was something wrong in your faith walk, such as sin, not following God's will, rebeliousness, etc. We felt beat down, discouraged, and hopeless, because we didn't have much in the material way of things, and I struggled with problems with my health. But we also began snubbing our noses at the people who didn't have much, using an analogy we were taught: only have friendships with successful people who will bring you up, don't bother with people who have nothing to offer you. When we started at Highlands, that weight of burden was lifted off, and we learned that we should be friends with all people, showing the light of God to all men. Jesus was friends with sinners, and people considered scum in that time. We also came to realize we needed to learn humility, and respect for others who struggled just as we were struggling. I don't know the end purpose of this walk, but I do know that my Father has higher thoughts and ways, I know that God knows our needs before we ask of them, in our journey in learning to be content in every situation, and in every situation God supplies all of our needs for none have seen his righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.