Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Fresh Start

Writing a blog is very much like writing in a journal. I have proved this by my lack of posts in almost 4 months! It must become a part of your daily life. I hope to make a fresh start this year and be more aggressive in posting and keeping track of my daily struggles and victories.

Christmas was a beautiful time for me and my family. I was given an awesome opportunity to sing a solo in our church's Christmas Eve services, and it is an experience I hope to never forget! In addition, our main car broke down and it forced us to stay home for most of the holiday season. I was extremely lazy and self-absorbed. It was wonderful!

I enjoyed a trip out of town with my mother that turned into a shopping trip like no other (the back seat was full of bags - see above). We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Stan's Restuarant off of Interstate 65 in Tennessee. We kept looking for something different from McDonald's, and Stan's won the vote. I would be willing to stop there again!


Rachael said...'re back! I check your blog almost daily in hopes that you will post. I am glad you had such a wonderful Christmas and it makes me sad that I missed your solo. :( See you Friday!

MorningSong said...

Glad you are free to roam the city again! Looking forward to an updated post too! :)